Resources for Learning Digital Development and Design

These are best-in-class resources for learning coding, development, and digital design.  We've individually vetted each of these resources and we're recommending them to you.  If you have any suggestions for resources that should be on this list, please let us know.  

Note that we get a small affiliate commission if you purchase some of these resources through the links below.  It's a nice way to say "Thank you" for the training Framework Provides!

Products and Services

Here we'll recommend products and services we use here at Framework.  All of these companies have been tested and approved-- or we wouldn't recommend them.


When it comes to hosting we choose Bluehost.  They're reliable, have great customer service, and easy setup for your website hosting.  Click for special Framework pricing!

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Books about coding and design?  You bet.  These are some of the books that get our highest recommendation and make a great companion to your online courses.

The Non-Designer's Design Book: Fourth Edition

Robin Williams

No, not that Robin Williams. Robin Williams, the designer.

Developers are not known as great designers-- but it's a skill that can be learned.

Years ago, I learned my initial design skills from version 1 of Robin Williams' book, and now I'm recommending it to you. Every coder should know the basics of design.  This book will set you on the path to successful designs.

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Grokking Algorithms

Aditya Bhargava

Read about algorithms?  I'd rather watch someone get a haircut.  It's not as boring as it sounds with Grokking Algorithms.  Written so a novice can understand this all-important concept, you'll actually look forward to reading about common algorithms in this heavily illustrated and easy-to-understand book.

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