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You: A Professional Developer

If you're interested in becoming a ready-for-your-first-job professional developer, then Platinum Membership is for you.

Platinum membership provides you with a roadmap to the world of professional development. You'll acquire professional, marketable skills in three phases:

Phase I: During Phase I you'll learn the basics of development. You'll earn your Certified Web Development Professional Credential as you master the essential skills HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. You'll create basic web-based applications focusing on "front-end" development.

Phase II: This is the specialization phase of the program. You can choose from a specialization in iOS Mobile, Android Mobile, or server-side website development. You'll earn additional certifications based on the specialty that you select.

Phase III: Phase III is a totally unique approach to job readiness. You'll complete multiple projects with the assistance and advice of your instructor mentors. As you complete projects, you'll build a portfolio of work designed to make you competitive in the job market for entry-level developers.

Platinum Professional Developer Program Road Map

Dozens of New Learning Programs Each Year

with Mark Lassoff

BUILD a complete weather conditions application using the Open Weather Map API and Milligram.

with Mark Hannon

Learn the fundamentals of working with Photoshop for digital design in this project based course.

with Mark Lassoff

Learn the most important language used today and earn your Javascript Specialist Certification.

with Anne Mulligan

Learn the theory behind the design. Apply design principals to your digital design work.

with Mark Lassoff

Earn your first HTML5 Specialist Certification as you the foundation of the web and digital display.

with Jack Bushnell

Learn to develop games with the industry-standard Unity 360 platform.

Access our Helpful Community

You're not trying to complete your certifications alone. We have an active, helpful community of members, expert instructors and cast members standing by to help you and answer questions. The community is also where you'll get to know the other members, share experiences and your success as you complete certifications.

Access to All Framework Video Programming and Related Content

Framework Television is a digital television network. Each month we'll come out with new video programming with shows like BUILD where we show you exactly how apps are built. Our Silver Members have access to select video programs teaching skills from Photoshop to Javascript to Game Design and development.

These shows provide an excellent opportunity for you to learn new digital skills, be creative, and be exposed to several different digital professions. You'll get to know the Framework Television cast of experts who've been working in the digital world and are now sharing their knowledge-- and a few secrets-- with you. Bonus for Platinum Members: Get all of the code, assets and other elements to enhance your learning experience.

Introducing the Framework Success System

Your success is our success.

That's why we've invested heavily in the Framework Success System. We're not just making shows about tech-- but we're helping you learn valuable skills that will start your career in digital technology.

Here's what you need to know about our system:

I. You'll Learn More Quickly From Our Videos with the Framework Video Countdown

Each new video we produce will display the subjects covered in the video along the right-hand side of the screen. This will help you navigate through the video and rapidly find any portions of the video you need to rewatch for reference or review.

II. You'll get a second exposure to all the information presented in a video from the Framework Course Guide

Everyone learns a little differently. Years of academic research has told us that.

Our unique course guides review all of the critical points made in the video lectures, giving you a second exposure to the information. This second exposure will help you retain the material and be able to apply it to your own digital development work.

III. You Gain Experience with Confidence-Building Activities

With every video, Framework Television includes a series of activities that will help you retain the information in the video and the course guide. Digital development is a learn-by-doing activity and the more you practice, the more successful you'll be.

We want to help you achieve your goals, and the Framework Success System supports your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the certification programs?
Once you begin the Certification Program you can complete as quickly as you want. The first modules will be made available to you as soon as you begin. At a minimum, the program will require consistent effort each week for sixteen weeks. You may, however, take all the time you need to complete the certifications.
Are the certifications legit and recognized in industry?
Framework Television has enrolled over 1 million people from around the world in online learning programs. Certification holders work everywhere from Fortune 500 companies to their freelance businesses. Because will back your certification, you'll have the tools to prove the legitimacy of your credential.
Do I need to take an exam to get certified?
No. We've discovered that coding activities are a better measure of achievement than coding exams. We don't require you to pass any exams to receive any of our certifications.
What about cancellation?
You may cancel your membership at any time-- But we don't think you'll want to.

The Framework Platinum Program is your opportunity to join the ranks of professional developers. You can begin this rewarding career as a confident, competent, certified developer. Past Platinum members are working at Fortune 500 companies, for government agencies, and as freelance developers.

While completing this professional development program, you'll earn up to eight individual certifications that you can display evidencing your advancing skills.

I think you'll find the unique Phase III aspect of our program, where you complete portfolio projects to build experience is key to your success.

- Mark Lassoff, Founder
Framework Television

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