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Jobs for Software Developers: What Programming Language Should I Learn?

careers jobs languages Jan 20, 2021

When it comes to jobs for software developers, you’ll hear a lot from developers about what languages or libraries you should learn and which aren’t that important. But, honestly, a lot of this discussion is based around feelings and shiny object syndrome.

Developers are naturally curious and love learning new things, so new technologies catch their attention, and, sometimes, older technologies-- the ones developers are actually using, aren’t discussed as much.  This can give new developers a misimpression about what’s important to learn and what can get them an actual job.

Since opinions are like buttholes-- everyone's got one and they all stink-- I wanted to use actual data for this discussion. So, I went to and looked at the data for some of the most common technologies that people are hiring for. 

I also looked at the number of jobs that are specifically earmarked for entry-level developers.  This data is by no means...

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